Third Sector Organisations - PAVO Stakeholder Feedback 2019

At PAVO we aim to continually improve the ways in which we provide services to the third sector in Powys. We would be very grateful if you would once again take the time to complete our annual survey, which will help us to better our understanding of and response to the needs of the third sector and to develop our Business Plan for 2020 - 2021.

We continue to monitor and evaluate our performance in response to the feedback we receive. We would be very grateful if you could respond by Friday 10th January 2020, so that we can feed your replies into our review of services and service delivery and business planning for the 2020-21 period.

Our 2019-22 Strategic Plan and 2019-20 Business Plan contained new objectives as a result of what you told us through last years' Stakeholder Feedback Survey. Your feedback does influence our activities - You said that we needed to raise awareness of what PAVO does so that organisations know what support is available before they need it, we have changed some of the ways in which we engage - including making better use of social media. You also said PAVO needed to focus more on outlying areas of Powys, this year we have trialled a community approach through the Ca-Powys initiative.

Thank you very much for your time.
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