Returning Members Form: Spring 2019
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Returning Members Form: Spring 2019
To be considered a member of NUEMS for Fall 2018, please complete this form.
We will remove from OrgSync those who have not completed this form.
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Are you certified in AHA BLS? *
If you are not certified in American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider, but have another CPR certification please choose "other" and type the organization that you have a current CPR certification with. Ex: "American Red Cross", "ECSI"
Are you an EMT? *
Please select all that apply.
Uniform? *
Do you have an NUEMS uniform and appropriate pants and boots?
We want to know what your EMS experience is so we can better staff games and pair experienced members with inexperienced.
How many years have you been with NUEMS?
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Please choose ALL that apply to you.
Please tell us more about your experience and any other qualifications you have.
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Would you like to become a mentor? *
This is for returning members who have been part of NUEMS for at least one year. Being a mentor means just providing your contact information to mentees who are paired up with you so that they have someone to ask advice or seek information from regarding NUEMS matters and operations. For any questions that you didn't know or were unsure about, your point of contact would be an E-board member, preferably specific to the department that the inquiry is about.
Student Group Agreement
Constitution *
After reading the NUEMS Constitution posted on OrgSync, do you agree to abide by it and the SOPs in it? It can also be found here: Please note the updates regarding membership.
Anti-Hazing Policy *
After reading the Anti-Hazing Policy posted on OrgSync by NU, do you agree to abide by it? It can also be found here:
On File with HR *
Please make sure you have sent a copy of the front and back of your certifications (AHA BLS, MA EMT-B and driver's license) are on file with before completing this form. If you don't have a driver's license, please send a state ID. Your answer should be YES.
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