TNA Candidate Nomination Form

Texas Nurses Association/American Nurses Association members are eligible to run for all
elected TNA offices.

TNA Direct Members are not eligible to run for elective office.

1. Include
- Part A: Consent to Nomination and Service – No one will be placed on the ballot
who has not submitted their consent for nomination.

- Part B: Biographical Data – Potential candidates must complete and return this form. In
addition please submit your résumé or curriculum vitae to provide additional information
to the TNA Nominating Committee. If you submit this form online, you can attach your
CV or résumé to the submission or email separately to or fax to

- Part C: Candidate Platform

2. Submit
Electronically – Complete the form below and click “Submit Form” at the end. This will
attach your completed form to an email for you to send to TNA.

By Hard Copy – Complete the PDF version of this form and print.
Printed forms can be faxed to 512-452-0648 or mailed to Texas Nurses Association,
8501 N. MoPac Expressway, Suite 400, Austin, TX 78759

Nomination Process
The full Nomination Form will be used by the Nominating Committee members to determine
the most qualified candidates for the 2017 ballot. After selections have been made, the slated
candidates will receive notification. At that time, candidates will be asked to submit a high
resolution photograph to be used in preparing balloting materials.

Per TNA Bylaws, the President, Vice President, and Nominating Committee Chair will be
elected by the entire TNA membership via electronic ballot that will be open between Jan. 22
and Feb. 9, 2018.

The remaining open positions, two directors-at-large and two Nominating Committee
members-at-large will be elected by the delegates at the 2018 TNA House of Delegates on
April 14, 2018.

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