Global Money Week 2016 - Youth Talk Form
Welcome to the Global Money Week 2016 Youth Talk Form!

A Youth Talk is a virtual meeting (via Skype) for groups of youth/students to connect with youth/students from a different country to discuss about money matters and financial issues.
Youth Talks offers a great opportunity for youngsters from all over the world to communicate with their global peers, and to ask questions about the financial topics that matter most to them. It also allows youth the chance to exchange knowledge, learn about each other’s cultures and share their GMW celebrations!

Please provide us with more information about you as a Coordinator, your youth group and preferred dates and times for a Youth Talk. After receiving the form from you, one of CYFI representatives will connect you with another group(s) and provide you more information about about the possible themes and questions that can be discussed during Youth Talks.

Please note that CYFI representative will not be present during the Youth Talk itself but rather facilitate the initial "matching" of youth groups, and provide tips and advice on how to organize such a Takk.

Thank you for your interest and Happy Global Money Week 2016!

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