Potlatch Meeting Room Reservation Form
Key must be returned in library book drop or at Potlatch Library circulation desk by due date. A fine will be assessed
if key is late. Replacement charge for lost keys is $50.
If you do not have an e-mail to enter below, please visit the Potlatch Library to fill out a form there.
A copy of the completed form will be sent to the below e-mail.
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Meeting Room Rules
Thermostat: Please do not change the settings on the thermostat. If you need it warmer or cooler, open the thermostat door and push the up or down button. This is a 2 hour override.

Lights: The lights in the conference room are on a motion sensor. Please do not turn them on or off. If you need the room dark, there is painters tape in the drawer by the sink and you can put a piece of tape over the sensor. When you leave, turn the lights out in the foyer and back by the bathrooms. DO NOT TOUCH THE LIGHT SWITCH THAT IS BY THE FRONT DOOR. THIS IS PROGRAMMED TO COME ON AT DUSK AND TURN OFF IN THE MORNING.

Unplug the coffeemaker and make sure the T.V. and DVD remotes are left on top of the DVD player
There is a vacuum in the northeast corner of the room. If there is any food or debris on the carpet, please vacuum.
Any furniture that has been re-arranged must be put back in its original position before leaving
When you leave:
o Check the bathrooms (flush toilets; do NOT leave soiled diapers in the trash)
o Lock meeting room door
o Lock exterior door and make sure doors latch

The Library is not responsible for items lost or stolen at the time of use

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A Valnet library card in good standing is required.
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Library Card Number *
If you do not have a library card, please visit the library with photo id and proof of local address.
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Please allow adequate time for cleanup.
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Will admission be charged? *
If meeting room is being reserved for a for-profit activity, or if payment for attendance is required, there is a charge for use of the room.
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