Pristine Ocean
Complete the following steps to learn about the different ocean relationships and create a scientific model that represents these relationships.
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TED Talk and Tracking Indicators
Watch the TED Talk linked below and keep track in your notes of the types of factors that can have an influence on the health of the ocean and the relationships between those factors. Especially pay attention at the 45 second mark to the example of a scientific model. Work with a partner to explain the model to one another then discuss why, or why not, the model is a good representation of ocean systems.  
During the video, students should take notes on signs of a healthy reef, and signs of an unhealthy reef, and then the things that cause a reef to move towards unhealthy, and the things that help it recover
TED Talk: Enric Sala - Glimpse of a Pristine Ocean
Create A Scientific Model
Create a visual representation of your own using the notes that you took during the class discussion and the TED Talk. The visual representation should show the relationship between humans and the ocean (anthropogenic relationships) and the relationships between sea-life and the types of factors that can degrade coral reefs or cause them to recover. Their model should represent the human and natural factors that impact the ocean in both positive and negative ways. You may complete this assingment with a partner on paper or on a document. If you complete it on a document share the link below.
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