1776 Scholars Application
1776 Scholars Constitution

The name of this organization shall be the 1776 Scholars, hereafter referred to as the Club.

ARTICLE II - Purpose.
The purpose of this Club shall be: To promote faith, family, and freedom as a politically active community of Christian learners and leaders. The 76ers believe we have a responsibility to impact politics for God's glory, so we seek to acquire wisdom from experienced leaders while giving our members opportunities to lead and thrive.

Section 1. Regular membership in this Club shall be open to any full-time Colorado Christian
University student who subscribes to the ideals of the organization.

Section 2. Associated membership in this organization shall be open to any part-time student, graduate student, professional student, faculty member, staff member or administrator at Colorado Christian University.

Section 3. Although participation in 1776 Scholars campus events is open to all CCU students who subscribe to the values of the club, the Club does provide unique membership status to students who meet certain participation standards: assisting at 3+ Centennial Institute events per school year (at least 1 per semester) and attending at least 50% of club meetings (exceptions granted on a personalized basis). Students who fulfill these requirements have access to unique membership opportunities, including recognition as a 1776 Scholar by the Centennial Institute, special volunteer opportunities at Centennial Institute and 1776 Scholars events, inclusion in exclusive club opportunities (such as behind-the-scenes dinners), and eligibility to vote for and/or be elected as a club officer.

Section 4. If an individual does not fulfill the standards of membership listed in the section above, he or she is still welcome to participate in many club activities. However, this person’s eligibility to join some of the unique opportunities listed in Section 3 above will be limited.

Section 1. Officers of the Club shall be as follows.
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary/Treasurer
4. PromotionalDirector

Section 2. Election of Officers: The president and vice president of the Club shall be elected in March by a majority vote or quorum of the Club as defined in Article V, Section 2. All other officers shall be elected in a similar manner in October. The Centennial Institute—specifically, the 1776 Scholars advisor at the Centennial Institute—reserves the right to appoint the president of the 1776 Scholars.

Section 3. Officers shall take office upon election (either in March or October) and shall serve until the next election for their positions (a period of roughly one year).

Section 4. Officers shall not be on academic or disciplinary probation at the time their elections and throughout their terms in the office. Officers must possess a 2.5 cumulative average GPA and maintain a minimum of 12.0 credits per semester to serve during their tenure.

Section 5. If a club member believes an officer should be impeached, he or she shall discuss the matter with the Club’s president or, if seeking to impeach the president, with the Centennial Institute club advisor. If the impeachment accusations are deemed reasonable by either of these leaders, the Club officers (excluding the one being impeached) shall impeach the officer only upon a unanimous vote of the officers. In cases of extreme ethical violations, the Centennial Institute club advisor reserves the right to impeach an officer based on the advisor’s personal discretion.

Section 6. If an officer vacancy arises during the school year, a club member shall be elected to fill the vacancy within roughly one month at a regular club meeting (pursuant to Article IV, Section 2 above). An officer appointed to fill a vacancy shall complete the unexpired term of the previous officer, and he or she must be reelected at the completion of that term if he or she desires to continue in office.

Section 7. Duties of Officers.
1. President—Shall preside over all meetings, conduct all meetings, conduct all official organization business, and appoint ad hoc committees and committee chairs. He/She shall also collaborate with officers to develop and implement event plans as well as create positive interpersonal relationships with club members. He/She shall also facilitate an effective working relationship with the Centennial Institute by representing the Club to the Centennial Institute and vice versa. Because of the responsibilities of this position, a club member is eligible to run for president only if he or she has previously served as a Club officer or participated in a presidential mentorship with the existing president.
2. Vice President—Shall, in the absence of or when delegated by the President, preside over meetings and conduct official organization business. He/She shall also collaborate with officers to develop and implement event plans as well as create positive interpersonal relationships with club members.
3. Secretary/Treasurer—Shall keep official minutes and records of the Club and shall be responsible for distributing and processing communications between members. He/She shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of all financial matters and collecting any dues/fees.
4. Promotions Director—Shall be responsible for creating marketing materials for events and distributing them across campus through the appropriate promotional channels.

Section 1. A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held at least once per month from September through April each academic year. The officers may call additional meetings when the need arises.

Section 2. A quorum shall consist of 50% of the regular members.

Section 3. A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business shall include election of officers, setting of dues, and any other major decisions effecting the Club.

The officers of the Club shall have the authority to create any standing or special committees that will further the purpose of the organization (e.g. marketing, social, fundraising, or special event committees).

Section 1. In order to make membership accessible to all CCU students, no dues shall be charged by for membership in the 1776 Scholars.

Section 2. If the organization dissolves, all funds granted by SGA will be returned to SGA. The remaining funds will be used to benefit CCU students in some way, i.e. a scholarship fund, given to a community service program, etc.

The parliamentary authority shall be the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Section 1. All amendments to this constitution require written notice of 10 days prior to being discussed and voted upon.

Section 2. All amendments require a 2/3 vote or a quorum for adoption.

Section 3. Amendments become effective only after approval by the Student Government Association.

This Club shall be affiliated with the Centennial Institute (CI) and shall abide by CI’s constitution and bylaws in all cases where there is no conflict between their constitution and bylaws and this constitution and/or the rules, regulations, or policies or Colorado Christian University. In instances of conflict, this constitution and/or the rules, the regulations and policies of CCU shall take precedence over the institution of bylaws of the Centennial Institute. Pursuant to this partnership, the Centennial Institute encourages the 1776 Scholars to develop its own activities, but CI reserves the right to consent to or block actions by the 1776 Scholars. On occasion, the Centennial Institute may decide to financially support certain activities of the 1776 Scholars, such as by paying for event fees or printing charges.
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