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The Patio Farmer’s Plant Club is an exclusive membership to a community of growers who will receive in-depth, next-level plant growing techniques, advice and tidbits from planting and seeding to maintenance and harvest. Continue your growing passion by joining Plant Club! By completing this interest form, you are indicating that you are ready to continue your green thumb journey with a group of like-minded growers!

Please note, membership to Plant Club may only be extended to individuals who live in the greater Charlotte (NC) area. Please respond to all questions thoroughly.

After you submit the following information, The Patio Farmer will reach out with next steps for payment. Membership to Plant Club is billed as a monthly subscription through PayPal. You may be asked to set-up a PayPal account if you do not already have one.

Membership to Plant Club is $195 / quarter (only $65 / month)
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