Hadley Township Democratic Club - Member Survey
Answering the following questions will help guide our officers in providing meaningful
programming and activities for our members.

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If you could provide more information about where you heard about the Club here, it would be appreciated. (i.e. which political event, where did you see the flyer, or which Local/State Rep told you about us?)
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What forms of campaign/political-action/issue- based advocacy do you have experience in?
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What skills, services and expertise do you possess that you are interested in providing either ongoing or as needed?
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What activities interest you or would you consider participating in? Check all that apply.
What committee(s) are you interested in serving on? Check all that apply.
Are you interested in being a precinct captain for your area?
What are your communication preferences?
What social media and web platforms do you use most to get updates from groups that interest you? Rate each as 1. Regularly/Daily, 2.Occasionally/a few times a month, or 3. Never/Rarely).
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