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There are a few things to know before using essential oils:

1. They are not "new". Essential oils have been used for centuries.
2. They are NATURAL aromatic compounds carefully extracted and distilled from plants, bark, seeds, roots, flowers for our health benefits.
3. Essential oils are EFFECTIVE and work with the body to address issues & root causes on a cellular level.
4. Our essentials oils at doTERRA are completely SAFE because they are free from fillers, pesticides or contaminants. Our oils are grown and harvested in their natural habitat from more than 43 different countries all around the world most of which are developing countries. We are the most tested and the most trusted.

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils:
1. Aromatic- breathe in or use a diffuser to clean the air and affect mood.
2. Topical- apply to bottoms of feet or specific areas for support.
3. Internal- drop in water, under tongue, or into gel capsules to support mouth, throat, digestive & overall health.
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