Stories Of Migrant Women World019
Photo-project to connect women through storytelling and photography.

Both individuals and associations or collectives are welcome


All the media are allowed: video, audio, drawing, sketches, poems, reflections, photos and everything inherent, relevant and consistent suggested by your mind.
If you have multiple contribution, you will pay a full fee only the first time. From the second contribution forward, you will be only asked to sustain the cause with 2£ (if you are out of the UK) or for each following contribution.


- To contribute to create an imaginary of a real and non-stereotypical woman starting from the bottom, from the comparison and knowledge of the other, creating empathy and making us spokespersons for unity and strength of sisterhood among all the women of the world.
- To produce useful knowledge locally and internationally and build bridges between individuals.
- To produce an alternative narration and representation sourcing directly from first hand experiences.
- To create a virtual place that links real experiences, beliefs and contradictions physically distant from each other.
- Bring these experiences to training, cultural and learning places (like schools or workshops) and contribute to train young women.
- To motivate and stimulate critical observation and debate
- To generate awareness and reflections about the repercussions of the system in which we live on women, exploring clashes of near and distant realities.
- To enhance the individual experience through individual dedicated posts.

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