Professional Development: SY16-17
For the questions in this section, please think about your experiences with the professional development offerings this year.
How many professional development courses did you attend this year?
Please rate how much you agree with the following statements regarding the professional development courses you took this year.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The professional development courses I have attended have helped me do my job better.
The professional Development courses I have attended helped my students in the classroom.
The professional development courses I have attended helped me prepare for advancement.
Overall, what grade would you give for the quality of the professional development sessions that you attended this year? Please use the scale from A to F, where "A" denotes outstanding, "C" is average, and "F" is failure.
How can the professional development program be improved so that you give a higher grade next year?
Your answer
How did these professional developments affect or helped your teaching or your students?
Your answer
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