MAK Open House 馬禮遜學校觀摩日
Wednesday, March 6th 3月6日(三) 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM (下午)

Address: 42 Chiacheng Road, Dashe District, Kaohsiung 81546

In order to ensure the safety of our students, guests must register, as classes will be in session.
為了維護學生安全, 來賓必須登記, 活動時間學校正常上課中.

You will have the opportunity to fill out an application for your child(ren) when you visit our campus. To ensure a smooth process, we recommend that you bring along your and your child(ren)'s passport information that will be required on the application form. Someone will be available to assist you.


Parent's Full Name (Last name, First name. Same as on I.D. ) 家長姓名 (與證件一樣) *
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Which Identification are you providing? 您提供的證件為 *
The gate guard will check the ID you provide here. 警衛會檢查此證件,因此請務必攜帶.
Please provide first letter & last 5 numbers of your Identification 請提供證件第一個字母與後五碼 (I.E. 例: SXXXX15339) *
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How many adults are attending (number only) 幾位成人參加? (僅填數字) *
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Parent Contact Number 家長聯絡電話 *
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Either Parent's Email 家長電子信箱 (擇一家長即可) *
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Wish Grades are you interested in seeing? 您想觀摩哪個年級?
Do you need translation from English to ...? 需要英文翻譯成? *
Round trip TAINAN shuttle to MAK? 需要台南接駁車來回接送嗎? *
Pick up at Da Dong Night Market 集合地點: 台南市大東夜市 東區林森路一段276號 11:45 AM - 12:00 PM (Departure/發車)
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