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Dear [NJ Legislator],
As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to vote in favor of marijuana legalization in New Jersey.

Criminalizing marijuana possession has failed in New Jersey. Countless of us have lost jobs, housing, and educational opportunities, at significant costs to our state, as a result of our marijuana laws. New Jersey makes over 21,000 marijuana possession arrests per year, and Black people are three times more likely to be arrested than white people, despite similar usage rates.

It’s time to move away from our failed approach, tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol for adults, and build a safe and controlled system. S830, S3195, A1348, A1557, A3581, and A3620 are a great start, and cannabis legalization should go forward with a system that is fair, profitable, and advances social and racial justice.

Legalization must include measures to heal the harm caused by injustice by:

  •  Providing automatic and retroactive expungements of criminal records due to marijuana-related convictions.
  •  Providing a meaningful way for New Jersey’s entrepreneurs to participate in the legal market, with an emphasis on the inclusion of business owners of color.
  •  Providing concrete measures that ensure reinvestment in communities that have been targets of the War on Drugs, such as people of color and low-income people.
  •  Allow for home grow in order to ensure accessibility of cannabis to all New Jersey citizens regardless of ability, income or residence location.
  •  Use the projected $300 million in annual tax revenues for the general education fund, drug prevention and education programming, and justice reinvestment such as re-entry and job training programs.


Thank you for your attention to this important issue, and for your time and service to our Garden State.

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