Biology Permission Code Request Form
You will need to complete the permission code request form if one of these reasons applies to you:

• In-State Transfer Courses: You may need a permission code if a course you took does not directly articulate for a specific pre-requisite here and/or this is your first semester attending the University of Utah.
• Out-of-State Transfer Courses: Your prerequisite course(s) was taken at a university other than University of Utah. The current software does not recognize transfer courses as satisfying prerequisites.
• You were pre-approved for a course by the biology advising office. (Documentation of pre-approval must be provided, please send to

We DO NOT process requests for BIOL 2325 Human Anatomy. If you would like to register for this class but the class is full, you will need to contact the instructor.

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Important Additional Document Notification- Please Read!
If you have met a pre-requisite at an institution outside of Utah you must submit course syllabi for the pre-requisites to for our review. If you are currently in-progress with a pre-requisite course OR the course is completed but not yet posted to DARS you must email us both the pre-requisite course syllabi and a copy of your unofficial transcript. We must determine that your transfer pre-requisite coursework is equivalent to our curriculum standards prior to issuing a permission code. Your request may be denied if your transfer coursework is not approved.

Please submit all documentation in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee you a seat if a course fills up before your paperwork has been submitted and processed. Please note it can take up to 2 weeks to have course syllabi reviewed.

If you have met the pre-requisite at another Utah institution and the course is still in progress or completed but not on DARS, you must submit a copy of your unofficial transcript to

If you have already been pre-approved by the biology advising office you should have received an email confirming your pre-approval. Send the pre-approval to

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