PSCHE and Relationship and Sex Education Parental Survey July 2020
Please ensure that you have read our PSCHE policy and long term plan as well as our relationship and sex education policy before completing this survey
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What year group will your child be in, in September 2020? *
What do you believe to be the most important subject area that children should be taught as a part of PSCHE?
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Do you think there is anything missing from our Long Term Plan? Please explain.
Do you think there is anything else we should be teaching as part of our PSCHE curriculum that needs to be added? Please explain.
Do you have concerns about any of the Learning Objectives within the Long Term Plan? Which ones and why?
Overall, are you happy with our PSCHE policy and curriculum?
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If no, to the question above about our PSCHE policy, please explain.
Overall, are you happy with our Relationship and Sex Education policy?
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If no to the question above, about our Relationship and Sex Education policy, please explain.
Is there any support we could give you as a parent in order to prepare you for speaking to your child at home about PSCHE issues? Please explain what might be helpful.
Do you have any other questions about our PSCHE or Relationships and Sex Education curriculum?
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