MY GEO (“Geo tools for Modernization and Youth Employment”, 2018‐1‐IT02‐KA203‐048195) is an European project that aims to improve the capabilities of graduate students for their incorporation to the geospatial industry. In this way, the project is working on the identification of a set of key competences related to the use of geo-information tools (GIS), in particular the most relevant for the labor market, in order to implement a training course. This project also seeks to define a "learning line" and a competences assessment framework, allowing to measure the impact of this training on learners' knowledge and competences, according to the industry needs.

In this context, MY GEO project will appreciate your collaboration for the identification of the key competences that students should acquire in order to increase their employability. Taking your answers in consideration, the project will create a MOOC addressed to students interested in the acquisition of more accurate skills and competences, as requested by companies in their job demands.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration and your time. Average time to answer this survey: 3 minutes.

Dr. Rafael de Miguel González
Professor of Geography, University of Zaragoza (Spain)
President of EUROGEO

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