5/31 BLITZ: Fearless-A MacKenzie Ridge novel by Stephanie St Klaire
Blitz for Fearless-A MacKenzie Ridge novel by Stephanie St Klaire on MAY 31st.

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Blurb -
Life teeters in the balance when tragedy strikes the small mountain town of McKenzie Ridge…

Everly Shaw’s world takes a direct hit leaving her battling demons she thought she buried long ago. A daredevil at heart that throws caution to the wind, the only risk she wouldn’t gamble on was love. When life throws her a curve ball, she is forced to face her past in order to have the future she never knew she wanted.

Doctor Mason Charles knew exactly what he wanted and it was Nurse Everly Shaw. She didn’t do love or relationships, but she did do late nights and secret rendezvous. Doc was a patient man, he would wait for her change of heart. Twists of fate, destiny, and maybe a little luck played its hand leaving him to be her hero. He saved lives in the emergency room, but could he heal old wounds and a broken heart?

While Everly and Doc fight their happily ever after, Carigan O’Reilly and BJ Baker chase theirs. When Carigan’s five Irish brothers come to town, so do the shenanigans. Hot, macho, and alpha takes on an entirely new meaning when these boys arrive. Their presence will become more than just Carigan’s frustration when their skills are called to duty.

Wrongs become right, relationships unfold, and mysteries resolve only to find that good is being threatened by evil. Lives are at risk when danger hides under the cloak of friendship – will McKenzie Ridge be planning a wedding, or will they suffer yet another heart breaking funeral?

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