Project Backyard: Do you want to learn how to grow food in your backyard?
Project backyard is a program aimed at educating residents in the Capital Region on vegetable/herb gardening in their own backyard. Many of our neighbors have expressed an interest in learning how to grow their own food but unfortunately encounter challenges with the community garden model. In efforts to support our community's physical and spiritual connection to the land and healthy food access, Miracle on Craig Street brings the education and food to your backyard.
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Starting your own garden is a magical experience. It also takes a serious commitment of time and energy. We put a lot of work into being prepared and making sure we are supporting you in your first growing season. We want to ensure that you can get the most out of your experience and your harvest. Please consider all of your obligations to make an informed decision when considering if this is a good time for you to begin your growing journey.
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Project Backyard will provide gardeners with seedlings, compost, garden soil, and basic gardening tools. Gardeners are expected to pay a sliding scale fee to cover some of the costs of the program. Gardeners are asked to self identify assets and choose their payment option. Gardeners with high assets help to offset costs of gardener with little to no assets and create access to this opportunity for folks who otherwise would not have access. The additional program costs will be offset by grant funding and donations.
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Thank You for completing our Project Backyard interest survey! We will be in touch shortly!
Interest surveys are open until May 15th and Project Backyard is planned to contact interested persons to schedule home visits in May. We will be in contact with you shortly :) Feel free to check out pictures on our website Peace & Love <3
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