2019 ECVHS Leadership Symposium Registration
Everyone will participate in the opening and closing keynotes. For the breakout sessions, please choose which session you would like a to attend for each breakout. Our sessions may fill up quickly. Reserve your spot by registering today!

Full descriptions:

ASB Clubs and Classes: Introduction on how to get involved, review the charter and fundraising process. This session will get you excited to lead your own club. Learn the importance of leading in something you enjoy and get help from ASB students on the steps to put your ideas in action. You will learn about the importance of advisors, chartering, fundraising, and more. (ASB)

Social Media and its effect on Teens: Discussion on Simon Sinek's, one of his most viewed Ted Talks, about Social Media effect on Depression, Anxiety, and Leadership. (ASB) Simon Sinek is one of the most talked about public speakers. Using his discussion about “Millenials” as a backbone for further conversation, this session will ensure participants are aware of the addicting and psychological destructive effects of social media on mental health. (Mr. Namimatsu)

Branding our Greatness: In this workshop, we will discussing how we can positively utilize our social media presence to make positive changes around us. Participants will learn how technology can be used to market our greatness. (Abraham Muheize)

Cross Cultural Relationships in El Cajon. In this workshop, Phillip Lumula will deepen participants’ understanding of how different cultures interact with each other in the community. We will discover that we are more alike than different. (Phillip Lumula)

Rising Above Peer Pressure → Dealing with Vaping. In the workshop, participants will learn how to avoid the influence to use vaping devices and other substances. Participants will learn how to be leaders, not followers. (Mending Matters)

Leadership For All Abilities: Leadership is something that can be exhibited from all levels of ability. And as leaders, we need to be prepared to accommodate for the individuality of those we lead. This workshop will focus on ways in which we can empower others to lead and participate, regardless of ability and perceived limitations. (Mrs. Castagnera)

My Journey to Success and Leadership: Mr. Daryl Priest is a very successful businessman, community leader, and philanthropist who is also an ECV almun. Mr. Priest will be presenting his keys to success and leadership which took him from poverty to prosperity. (Daryl Priest)

Dare to Lead: Leadership comes in many forms. Some lead vocally. Some lead through action. Some lead through ideas. Whichever way you decide to lead, you ultimately have to dare to lead. In this workshop, we will discuss developing the courage to lead within the concept of a team (athletic and non-athletic), and choosing which way works best for us. (Mr. Trammell)

Workplace Leadership: This workshop will focus on the ways in which we can show leadership in the workplace, and the qualities that business owners value in their employees. Sarmad Alkass, a local businessman and ECV alum, will be presenting his experiences and observations from the professional world. (Sarmad Alkass)

Link Crew Workshop: Link Crew is one of the most active groups at ECV by providing mentorship and guidance for all 9th graders. In this workshop, Link Crew will be presenting ways in which leadership can be exhibited and developed at ECV. (Link Crew)

ECV TED Ed Club: Many of the future’s most significant challenges are going to be addressed by people who are currently in their teens. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, and leaders need to be able to communicate their ideas. This is what we do in the ECV TED Ed Club. Join members of the ECV TED Ed Club as they share the talks they have developed. (Mr. Devine)
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