Independent High School P.E. Credits
High School Parents: Please use this form to submit hours your son or daughter has earned towards independent P.E. during distance learning. In this season, without Beyond the Classroom, Fitness Pursuits, athletics teams, or even gymnasiums or club sports, we want to validate the personal physical training that many students are still doing.

Hours must be verified and submitted by a parent. Any reasonable physical training or exercise is permitted, such as hiking, biking, running, stationary bike, Pilates, weight training, etc. Ideally, this should be done according to some kind of methodical plan or with coaching from online providers, but at this time we are choosing to waive any particular requirement. Have some fun and stay healthy--this is a great chance to build your own health, fitness, and strength alongside your kids!

Please submit earned hours at the end of EVERY SCHOOL WEEK (after Friday is done). The weekend is ideal. In this season, we want to stay in close communication, avoiding lengthy personal records that may get lost or forgotten.

Our usual rate of earning credits will still apply: for every 40 hours of independent P.E. completed, a student will earn 3.3 graduation credits. All students require 20 credits total to graduate. All credits earned from athletics teams, independent P.E., Beyond the Classroom, and Fitness Pursuits count towards this total.
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