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The following rules govern all the basic interactions within RF Valeria Gaming. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result to account termination and other account related penalties. Please refer to Types of Abuses for a more detailed set of infractions and punishments.

1. When playing RF Valeria Gaming, you shall respect the rights of others players. Everyone is entitled to enjoy our game so please be mindful of how you treat and interact with other players. You shall not harass, threaten and/or deceive anyone while playing in the server.

2. We want RF Valeria Gaming to be a fun and safe place for everyone. RF Valeria Gaming is a free to play server with players from all around the globe. For that reason, please be mindful of how you enter your character names and consider cultural differences. Therefore, we are not going to allow names that:
• Have offensive racial, ethnic, or national connotations.
• Reference sexual acts or real life violence.
• Are pornographic.
• Make inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
• Reference illegal drugs or activities.
• Reference major religious figures.
• Reference certain real-life people that may cause distress (e.g. Hitler).

3. We strongly encourage to “NOT” share any account info on social media (e.g. saying your IGN when posting pictures) this might cause real life bashers and threats. This is only a suggestion.

Below are acts that are punishable and can result to account suspension and/or termination:

• RMT (Real Money Trading) for in-game items, services, and RF Valeria accounts. Anyone caught will result in account termination
• Use of any 3PP (Third Party Program) such as Cheat Engine, Bot, V.M., auto-clicker in order to automate game play functions.
• Any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, obscene, defamatory or racially offensive languages.
• Spamming and flooding.
• RF Valeria Staff Impersonation
• Report players maliciously, or cause them to be investigated without reason.
• Arguing with RF Valeria staff when receiving punishment will only aggravate case.
• Marketing, promoting and advertising other servers.
• Mining and Pitboss hunt during CW. Everyone should participate except lowbies.

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