Parlez-Vous Staff Application 2019-2020
Only juniors and seniors are eligible to take this elective course. You will receive an elective credit for taking this course. Newspaper is currently scheduled at 4th period. All staff members are required to sell $300 in ads per year and write 2-3 articles per issue (usually 10 issues per year).
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Are you willing to contact local businesses to sell ads ($300/year) as a requirement for being on the newspaper staff and possibly participate in fundraisers and/or other outside activities which would help to support the publication of our newspaper? *
Are your parents/guardian(s) aware of the requirements of being on the newspaper staff, which include selling ads ($300/year) and writing articles (2-3/issue; 10 issues/year)? *
Please provide the best contact information for your parents/guardian. Include their names. *
OPTIONAL: Include in the space below or as a separate attachment (can deliver to Rm. 231) a sample of your writing in the form of a news article. Use the format used in our school newspaper.
Direct any questions to Mrs. Manuel in Rm. 231
Deadline to submit applications is Friday, Mar. 22.
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