Application to be a Coordinator for Mary Shields, PhD Trainings
Hi there.

I'm Mary. I'm currently in the process of setting up next year's teaching calendar and I'm looking for some motivated, heart-guided individuals to work with. I'm looking for coordinators to help bring the following types of healing workshops to interested communities around the US and Canada: BodyTalk classes & Healing Workshops that I've created.

I'm looking to create and nourish strong relationships that will be mutually beneficial for you, for me, and for the students we'll reach.

Mary Shields
Benefits of being a Coordinator for Mary...
- You can have Mary's classes close to your home. This makes your learning easier and more convenient.
- You can build your local community of like-minded souls.
- You can build your own healing practice and bring in more of your own clients. Mary happily endorses certified BT practitioners in BT classes or coordinators in her own classes.
- You can build your networks and outreach list.
- You can make a bit of money: 20% of net, so the more students that come, the more money you make.
- You can Monitor (repeat BodyTalk classes) and attend Mary's Classes for FREE.

And all of this built on the principles of respect, clear communication and mutual benefit :)
Responsibilities of being a Coordinator for Mary...
- Promoting the Seminar, Class or Workshop: promoting to your networks, on social media, around your town, etc
- Specific Tasks Before each Seminar: emailing students, booking a space and possibly hotel accommodations, etc
- Preparing for the Seminar on the Day of the Seminar: physically setting up the space
- Assisting and Supporting Mary During the Seminar
- A Few Administrative Tasks Upon Completion of the Seminar
- Weekly checks of the Registrations
- Prompt Responses to both registered students and potential students
- Regular communication with Mary &/or her assistant
- Asking for help and guidance when you need it
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How would you describe your communication style? *
How do you deal with conflicts or would you imagine dealing with conflicts with potential students? (it doesn't happen often, but you'll need to be prepared for it)
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How do you deal with logistics? *
Are you comfortable dealing with the many smaller details of setting up a class, such as room set-up, creating a welcoming space for the class, organizing snacks and/or water and tea, printing certificates (in the case of BodyTalk classes)?
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