Your Experiences with Social Media

Please take a few minutes to share your stories, experiences, and questions about social networking and social media. I will be using these as I develop two guidebooks, one for Parents entitled: "Raising a Digitally Savvy Child" and one for Tweens/Teens entitled: "Managing Your Online Identity".

Carefully read the following and then respond to the question below in order to access the survey:

The purpose of this study is to provide individual experiences that will be utilized in books that I am writing. Participants will fill out the survey below and those parents consenting to allow me to interview their child(ren) will be asked to provide contact information so that I may schedule a time to meet with your child(ren). The initial survey will take about 15 minutes, child(ren) interviews (as appropriate) should take no longer than one hour. There are no anticipated risks in this survey. There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this survey. Your experiences will help to illustrate examples as they apply to guidelines in the books. The information you provide in the survey will be handled confidentially. All surveys are completely anonymous, with no identifying information asked for, unless you consent to me interviewing your child(ren). In this case your information and that of your child(ren) will be assigned a code number and a pseudonym and once the study is completed and the data analyzed, this list will be destroyed. Your name and the names of your children will not be used in my books.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and you can withdraw from the survey at any time, either by closing out of the browser window, by not clicking submit at the end of the survey, or by not consenting below. Parents who provide permission for me to interview their child(ren) may at any time withdraw by emailing me directly at Child(ren) will be asked to assent to my interview, and can also withdraw at any time before the interview (via email) or during the interview (by stating they no longer wish to be interviewed) and up to five days after the interview has occurred (via email). There is no penalty for withdrawing. Please note, due to the anonymous nature of the survey, I cannot match up an email request to withdraw from the survey once you have clicked "submit" if you have not provided identifying contact information.

You will receive no payment for participating in this study.

If you have questions about the study, contact:
Dr. Elaine Young
Professor, Digital Marketing
Stiller School of Business
Champlain College
163 S. Willard Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Tel: 802-865-5413

If you have questions about your rights in the study, contact:
Michael Lange, Ph.D.,
Chair, Institutional Review Board for Champlain College
163 South Willard Street
Champlain College, P.O. Box 670
Burlington, VT 05491
Telephone: (802) 865-5493

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