Budget Advocates 2018 Survey
Questions below will help your Budget Advocates understand your thoughts on specific topics. The results will help shape the Budget Advocate's White Paper in addressing these matters. Please mark all that apply.
Economic Development
What do you think is causing businesses not to relocate to Los Angeles?
Check all that apply.
How do you feel about taxes?
Check all that apply. No-one likes them but they serve a purpose.
Fines serve as income for the City and a deterrent to bad behavior. Fines should be increased on:
Check all that apply.
Which housing alternative(s) do you think will be most effective in reducing homelessness?
Check all that apply.
Which services are important to provide for the homeless?
Check all that apply.
The housing shortage is driving up rental/purchase costs and homelessness.
Check all statements you agree on regarding the statement above.
Public Safety and Neighborhood Assessment
How are the response times by the LAFD (fire) in your neighborhood?
How are response times by the LAPD (police) in your neighborhood?
Do you know what the City expects you to do in the event of a major earthquake, fire or other natural disaster?
Do you think the City has a plan for your area if there is a terrorist attack or financial collapse?
Do you have a personal plan for yourself, your family and your home in the event of an emergency?
Rate the roads, alleys and sidewalks in a 6-block radius from where your live:
Check all that apply.
Have you called into the City’s 311 call center in the past 6 months – if so:
Check all that apply.
Have you used the City’s MyLA311 app in the past 6 months – if so:
Check all that apply.
If you use City Parks near you:
Check all that apply.
Additional questions on the RecycLA program for businesses and multi-unit dwellings
You are in this section since you indicated that you own a business and/or you live in a multi-unit dwelling building.
Do you own a business or live in a multi-dwelling unit building?
Have you experienced any of the following problems with the new RecycLA waste hauling program?
Check all that apply.
Were you advised of this program well before it was implemented starting in July?
Check all that apply.
A big component of the change is to increase recycling.
Check all statements you agree on regarding the statement above.
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