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Tuesday 5th of March (9AM - 3PM)

Please complete the form below to pre-order your pancakes for the best flipping day of the year!

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So we know who we are serving and who has ordered what crazy stack, we need some information. Please include your name, contact number and how many people are in your group. Please separate your answers with commas.
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Time to build your Pancake!
For orders of 3 or more, please go to GROUP ORDERS. All traditional stacks come with ice-cream and maple syrup unless we are told otherwise.
Traditional Stack - $10 (2 pancakes)
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Group Orders
For groups of 3 or more, please list your orders below. Traditional stacks are included - just list your Add-Ons!

I.E - Order 1: Bacon, egg
Order 2: lemon curd, bacon jam

If you don't want ice cream and maple syrup, please let us know!

Tell us what to create for you and your friends on the day!
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Thank you for supporting Pancake Day!
Thank you for your order. A staff member will be in contact with you shortly to let you know we have received your order.

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