Rensselaer Faculty and Staff Workshop - Engaging Discussions: Get Your Students Thinking and Engaged with Your Subject Matter
Discussions are a powerful tool in active learning, but not all discussion questions are created equal. In this session – we discuss discussions! Being part of a discussion can promote learning as well as the development of critical thinking skills. If your previous efforts to engage students in a discussion were met with silence, it could make you reluctant to try again. We will help you identify how to write discussion questions that reveal what students understand, and what they could use help on, and get students motivated and interested. This participatory workshop will provide faculty with examples of thought provoking discussion prompts, you will leave with the building blocks for creating high energy classroom-based and online debates, and with a list of best practices when writing discussion prompts.

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 29th from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm in the Beta Classroom - 1st floor of Folsom Library. Please bring a laptop or mobile device.

Maureen Fodera (Office of Undergraduate Education) will be presenting this workshop.

Please register by November 21st. Space is limited.

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