Leadership Training-Module 2-Six Basic Human Needs

Everything human beings do, they do for a reason. They are trying to meet one of six basic human needs. While human values may vary, we all share the same needs.

Each of us have our own way of meeting these needs. Some of these ways are positive, while others can be negative. Some people use alcohol and/ or cigarettes to feel relaxed or relieve stress. While others may exercise, read or meditate. The number of vehicles used to meet these needs is virtually unlimited. We must remember that we choose the vehicle, it does not choose us.

One of the goals of Elite Martial Arts is to have a school to help our students meet these needs in a positive way. If a student chooses to quit studying the martial arts it is because we have failed to meet one or more of the six basic human needs. We will refer to these needs throughout your instructor training course.

Here are The Six Human Needs.

1. Certainty
• Ability to produce, eliminate or avoid stress; or create, increase or intensify pleasure.
• Security/survival

2. Variety
• Surprise
• Different
• Challenge
• Diversity

3. Significance
• Sense of purpose
• Sense of being needed
• Feeling of importance
• Uniqueness

4. Connection/Love
• Bonding
• Oneness
• Feeling a part of
• At one with

5. Growth
• Physical Improvement
• Increased knowledge

6. Contribution
• Helping others
• Sharing knowledge

In the classroom we want to make sure that we meet as many of these needs as possible

Need # 1 – Certainty
• Classroom is safe physically and emotionally
• Mistakes are expected
• Students are not ridiculed
• Format is consistent each class

Need #2 – Variety
• Each class will be different.
• All parts of curriculum are taught
• Mental and Physical lessons taught
• Peak and Pace is used in class

Need # 3 – Significance
• Use three touches
• Greet each student
• Listen to and answer questions carefully
• Be willing to go the extra mile when a student needs help
• Written communication

Need # 4 – Connection
• Include all students (Everyone is important/no favorites)
• Give all students opportunities for success
• Encourage TEAMWORK
• Special Events
• Ask for opinions & feedback

Need # 5 – Growth
• Stripe Testing
• Goal Setting
• Belt Promotions
• Take time to review progress
• Diverse and exciting material

Need # 6 –Contribution
• Helping others
• Involvement in school events
• Teaching
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