NAPEX 2020 Philatelic Exhibit Application
DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: By electronically submitting this application, the applicant certifies that he or she has read the full prospectus and rules for exhibiting (available from and is eligible to exhibit under the terms outlined therein. The applicant further acknowledges that, if accepted as an exhibitor, he or she will be responsible for insuring the exhibit, and that no liability for loss or damage to any of the materials exhibited will attach to NAPEX and its officers, directors, committee members, or representatives; nor to the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner and its employees or departments. The applicant further agrees that the decision of the judges is final, and the applicant releases and holds harmless the judges and the American Philatelic Society, its officers, directors, employees, and representatives from any damages, including but not limited to damages to the applicant's reputation or that of their exhibit, suffered or incurred as a result of the judging.

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Exhibitor's Pseudonym
If you want a pseudonym used in the show program, website, and palmares, indicate it here:
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Exhibitor's E-mail Address *
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Exhibitor's Mailing Address *
Include street address or PO Box, city/state/postal code, and country if other than USA
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Exhibitor's Telephone Number *
Cell numbers preferred, so we can reach you during the show if necessary. Please include country code if other than USA
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Exhibit Title *
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25-Word Exhibit Description
Do not merely repeat what is obvious from the title. Descriptions may be edited or omitted from the printed program at the show committee’s sole discretion.
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Number of Frames Requested *
Minimum 1; Maximum 10
Indicate the Classification of Your Exhibit *
See the seventh edition of the APS Manual of Philatelic Judging & Exhibiting for explanations of these classes. (
Exhibit will be delivered by: *
Exhibit will be returned to: *
If you selected "Agent," please provide the agent's name.
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Website Opt-out
If you do not want your title page and synopsis posted on the NAPEX website, opt-out here:
Date of Birth (Youth Class Exhibits Only)
To be eligible for the youth class, exhibitors must be 21 or under as of January 1, 2020.
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Society Affiliations and Other Criteria
These may be used to determine eligibility for special awards. Check all that apply.
Frame Fees to be Remitted *
Single Frame Class = $30; Multi Frame Class = $15 per frame; Youth Class Exhibits = Free
Return Postage Deposit
Mail-back exhibits only. NAPEX will use USPS EXPRESS MAIL to return your exhibit. You will be billed for postage that exceeds your deposit, and receive a refund of any unused portion over $5.
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Banquet Ticket Preorder
Exhibitors may preorder up to four awards banquet tickets @ $60 each. Tickets purchased at the show are $65.
Total Amount to be Remitted *
Enter the total of all Frame Fees, Return Postage, and Banquet Ticket preorders.
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Payment Method *
Checks and money orders payable to NAPEX should be mailed to NAPEX, c/o John Warren, PO Box 7326, Washington, DC 20044. If PayPal is selected, NAPEX will generate and send an invoice to the e-mail address given by the exhibitor. NOTE: Receipt of payment does not guarantee an exhibit's acceptance. Fees will be refunded in the event we must decline an exhibit.
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