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Sign-up here if you would be interested in transcribing for OpenScore. You would receive one month of MuseScore PRO in return for transcribing a few pages of music by Mozart, Beethoven, or another public domain composer. Transcribing more pages earns more PRO time.

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Please note that we are mainly interested in transcribing pieces that have not already been transcribed. We will only be able to include a handful of existing transcriptions, so in general it is best to wait for us to contact you before you start producing transcriptions.
Links to any existing transcriptions of public domain music.
*Must be transcriptions of public domain music (but the transcription itself does not have to be public domain). Must transcribed by you. Must be true to the original, with no re-arrangement, adaptation, or editorial adjustments (except corrections to minor typographical errors). Please provide a link to the transcription(s) on Example:
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