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We appreciate your interest in working with Cultura Inglesa São Paulo. In order to take part in the selection process, please fill out the form below. Accurate completion of all fields is required, as the information will be considered during screening. You will also be required to upload your resumé or CV in PDF or Word format, as well as provide your Celta End of Course Report if you are a Celta holder.
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Bacharel em Letras (Brazil)
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Licenciatura em Pedagogia (Brazil)
Licenciatura em outras matérias (Português, biologia, matemática etc.)
Pós-Graduação em línguas, letras, pedagogia ou educação/ensino
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General English in regular/mainstream schools (K-12)
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Exam preparation courses
Groups of 12 to 20 learners
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I wish to participate in the selection process for a teaching position in the city of São Paulo and surrounding metropolitan regions (e.g. Osasco, Granja Viana, Guarulhos, Diadema, Mauá and ABC region). I understand that, once approved in all stages of the selection process, work placement is determined in response to job openings in branches corresponding to these regions. *
I do not seek a position in the regions stated above. I wish to have my information forwarded to one or more of Cultura Inglesa's outlying branches. I understand that teacher selection is conducted locally for these regions. Please specify one or more of the cities/state below:
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If interested in a management position, please describe the extent and the context of your administrative/commercial management experiences.
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