Natural Resources
Water, air, soil, plants and animals form part of the natural environment.
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1. True or false? You will die within a few days if you do not have food. *
1 point
2. True or false? You can live for several weeks if you do not have water. *
1 point
3. Complete the following sentence: Living creatures breathe in _____ *
1 point
4. Complete the following sentence: Living creatures breathe out _____ *
1 point
5. Complete the following sentence: Soil is the layer on the (a)___ of the land where (b) ___ grow.It is made up of (c) ___, (d) ___ animals and plants, (e) ___ and (f) ___. *
6 points
particles of rock
6. Plants grow in soil and then provide food for animals in a series of feeding levels. What do we call this process? *
1 point
7. What do we call a forest that are planted by humans? *
1 point
8. A forest is an area that has many trees and plants growing in it. *
1 point
9. Match the columns. *
3 points
Anything to do with the sea
Feeding levels
Food chain
10. Complete the following sentences. We get meat from animals as well as (a)___ and (b) ___. Animal food is high in (d) ___, which builds, maintains and makes (d___ in your body. *
4 points
new tissues
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