Donate your gear to Ukraine
Over 40 000 Ukrainians are fighting in the territorial defense with their bare hands. Yesterday they were civilians, and today they are soldiers.  

If you have gear from the list below that, you're willing to donate but don't know how, please fill out the form below, and we'll reach out to you. We can also cover shipping and send you a prepaid label if needed. You only need to ship it inside the US, and we'll handle air shipping to Poland and then trucks to Ukraine.

Everything helps! Remember that Ukraine is fighting for the whole free world!

Thank you in advance for your help! Glory to Ukraine!

Top priority items:
- Bulletproof vests, bulletproof plate carriers, bulletproof plate (level 3+ and higher)
- Kevlar helmets (level 3+ and higher)
- Radios (Baofeng/Kenwood/etc.), antenna upgrades.
- Medical kits (IFAK)
- Flashlights, handheld and overhead.
- Tactical folding and combat knives
- Multitool knives (e.g. leatherman/ganzo)
- Sleeping pads (all kinds)
- Sleeping bags (on a warmer side)
- Knee and elbow pads
- Protection sunglasses tactical
- Chest rigs
- All kinds of pouches, admin pouches, ammo, grenade pouches, etc. (
- Weapon belts
- Pistol holsters
- Molle hip systems and organizers.
- Water flasks (military)
- Tactical backpacks (ideally rush backpacks 5.11 12/24/48)
- Medical backpacks
- Tactical shovels/entrenching shovels/tools
- Full sets of military uniforms
- Military boots
- Freestyle libre patches
- Anti burn medications
- Surgical sutures
- Stop the bleed kits
- Thermal underwear

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