Harmony Party UK Secretarial Elections Self-Nomination Form
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Privacy Notice
Please be aware that all submitted information will be read by volunteers of the Research Working Group, as well as Party Members and Participants in the appropriate Society or Assembly. We will not pass details on to third parties.
Please read this section, "The Ethical Kernel" of the Party Constitution, before progressing, as your submission of this form is assumed willingness to abide by the Kernel as a secretarial nominee and, if elected, secretary.
This document [the constitution] binds the Party and all forms of its Consensus in these ways:

firstly, all Consensus of Assemblies and all Party Consensus must seek to be
guided in all things first by compassion, then by the pursuit of justice, and never the
other way around, and

secondly, all Consensus of Assemblies and all Party Consensus must seek
never to take a decision which will result directly in unavoidable injury to a human
being, and must not, through inaction, allow human beings or humanity to come to
harm, and

thirdly, the Party must act transparently, so both the Membership and the
Public may understand its workings and purposes, and
fourthly, Party Officials must always act in accordance with the Consensus of
relevant Assemblies and Party Consensus, except where such action would conflict
with this Part, the “Ethical Kernel”.

The Party is founded upon principles elaborated from the proponents of socialism,
communism, and anarchism, and is in perpetuity socialist, and in perpetuity in support of
the principles of mutual aid, and the right to both a just value upon and a fair say with
regards one's own labour; we commit in perpetuity the Party to democracy by consensus

both Members and Officers of the Party must not:
engage in any behaviour that is anti-social, prejudicial, racist, sexist, ableist,
homophobic, transphobic, hateful, or which constitutes bullying or harassment, and
must further not engage in inducement or incitement towards any of the preceding.

Any such behaviour will be reviewed for harm by the Committee of Resolutions in
accordance with these articles and may result in expulsion from roles or the
Membership. If the Secretaries of Resolution rule in initial consideration that the
breach would be of high harm if true (which is not an indication of guilt itself), then
the Member will be suspended until the end of the investigation by the Party. Please
see the Annexe for specific guidance on disciplinary proceedings.

The entirety of this Part (Part 3) of the articles are hereby declared the only portion
of the Party to be utterly permanent, for as long as the Party exists, and any change
here that is not in addition not just to the letter but the spirit of the intentions of the
articles is to be assumed a dissolution of the Party. To be clear: no mechanism
exists for changing the Ethical Kernel, but mechanisms do exist for expanding its
scope and raising its bar.

Any living human individual may donate to the Party, but they may not donate more
than £500 per calendar year. Any individual who is found to pass money to another
individual to circumvent this limitation will be subject to expulsion after fair
application of the Party disciplinary process.

Organisations, societies, and corporations are ordinarily barred from donating to the
Party except with the express exceptional permission of the Membership as a result
of a Party Thing. Foreign organisations (being those which are not registered in the
Nation) are expressly forbidden from donating, as are individuals who are non-dom
status in relation to the Nation.
Requirements for Nomination
In order to complete this self-nomination form, you must agree to follow the tenets of the Ethical Kernal of the Harmony Party UK Constitution. You must further agree to follow consensus in execution of the duties of your position should you be elected as secretary for the relevant society. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in mandatory re-selection.
If you are not currently a Harmony Party member, you must become one immediately upon being elected as secretary. We accept self-nominations from non-members, but non-members cannot be secretaries.

Do you agree to adhere to the principles of the Ethical Kernel?
If you do not answer yes to this question, your application will be rejected.
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Do you agree to follow the consensus of the group/society of which you are secretary?
If you do not answer yes to this question, your application will be rejected.
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Please Note:
If you answered no on either of the preceding two questions, your application will not be read beyond this point, and will be discarded.
Nominee Personal Details
This section deals with nominee details.
Nominee Name *
Please use your current full name.
Gender Identity
If you wish to, please inform us of your gender identity and pronouns here in the format you feel most comfortable with.
Nominee Address *
Please enter the address at which you spend most time.
Email *
Nominee First Phone Number *
Please enter a land or mobile phone number.
Nominee Second Phone Number
As first.
Social Media
This section deals with social media.
Nominee Social Media Accounts (Public) *
Please list the usernames of ALL your PUBLIC social media accounts. Please note that failure to correctly disclose may result in disqualification or reselection. You are not required to identify private accounts. If you do not have any social media accounts currently, please enter “N/A”.
Applicant Social Media Accounts (Private) *
Please tell us if you have private social media accounts. You are not required to disclose them.
Applicant Social Media Accounts (Private)
If you answered “Yes” to the previous question, you must agree to retain the privacy status of those accounts henceforth as a candidate and once elected in office, and understand that failure to do so may result in mandatory resection.
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Nominee Employment Information
This section deals with applicant employment information.
Current Employment Status *
Please tell us any additional jobs, if you have any. Feel free to explain it to us if you feel that will give greater depth to your self-nomination.
Employment History
Optionally, please let us know what you think we’d be interested to know about your employment history.
Electoral Section
For Which Position Are You Self-Nominating For? *
Please let us know the position you are interested in, ie: Which Assembly are you applying to be the secretary of?
Relevant Experience
Do you have any experience in organisation that you would like to share with us?
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