Bellisseria Fairgrounds Events Registration
Please use this form to reserve the Bellisseria Fairground to host an event. The Bellisseria Fairgrounds is open to all Premium Residents of Second Life to use for their events. We will not be hosting private events that require the Fairgrounds to be restricted to a certain list or group of people, but if you are happy to welcome anyone to your events then the Bellisseria Fairgrounds is a great place to choose to plan your next party, get together, shindig or whatever!

When you reserve the Fairground, you will receive the parcel for a designated block of time in which you need to set up, have your event, and tear down again. Upon acceptance of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation and your event will be listed on the Bellisseria Fairgrounds Official Events Calendar. We will also need a list of the people who will be on your build team so that they can receive invitations to the Bellisseria Official Events group.

Any Premium member can reserve the Bellisseria Fairgrounds for their event, though preference will be given to members of Bellisseria Resident groups. While any public event is welcome at the Fairgrounds, preference will also be given to events that contribute to and support the Bellisseria community spirit.

Please remember that the Fairgrounds are not to host "for profit" events. Please don't sell or market items or services at your events.
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Bellisseria Fairgrounds Usage Guidelines
1. The Fairgrounds are non commercial. There will be no advertising or selling of goods or services.This includes tipjars and donation kiosks.

2. The Fairgrounds are public. Events are open to the general SL community and not limited to Bellisseria Residents or Premium Members.

3. The Fairgrounds should not be used to host private events. Event organizers will have the ability to eject problematic people from the parcel, but if this is abused it will affect a Resident’s future right to reserve the Fairgrounds.

4. The Fairgrounds are rated moderate. All events hosted on the Fairgrounds need to align with the moderate rating. No adult events.

5. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to deliver a list of people who will need rez rights on the parcel so they can be added to the Bellisseria Official Events group.

6. Rez rights will only be available to members of the Bellisseria Official Events group. Once your event is over, you will be removed from the group.

7. Event organizers will receive a footprint of the Fairgrounds parcel in advance of their event to plan their layout.

8. Anyone reserving the space will receive 2500LI to set up their event.

9. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to end their events on time and clean up the parcel. Anything not removed by the end of their reserved time may be returned.

10. Event organizers will be able to list events they host at the Fairgrounds parcel on the Second Life Events calendar.

11. Events will have the ability to set the audio stream.

12. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to make sure that DJs provide music obtained in a legal manner and that is appropriate for the moderate rating of the parcel.

13. Events will have voice disabled by default, but voice can be enabled by request.

14. Events can set their own landing point.

15. Events can request to have the windlight set.

16. The Fairgrounds parcel is not able to be terraformed.The terrain textures are not able to be changed.

17. Safety and push options cannot be reset.

18. The Fairgrounds parcel title, description and image cannot be changed.

19. There are a small selection of stage prefab options that are available for use.

20. A danceball is available upon request.

21. A firework system is available for use by event organizers.

22. Gifts are allowed at Fairgrounds events. Landmarks to businesses may be included in the gifts
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If you answer No to this question, your application will be terminated; however, if you become a Premium member in the future you will be welcome to host an Event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds.
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Available Dates
We have made up a schedule that optimizes the availability of the Fairgrounds parcel. It is our wish that the space be available to the maximum number of events possible. We ask that you share your opinions as we work to create a schedule that is compatible with the desires of the community.

You will notice that different days offer different time length options for booking. It is possible to request multiple time slots on a given day, just indicate this in your Event description. Your reserved time will include an additional 30 minute setup/teardown period at the beginning and end of your event. If events are not torn down in a timely manner after the event is scheduled to end, all items will be returned.

If you wish to have a multi-day event please select the day you wish to have your event start and then put the details for the length of the event and the end date in the Event description.

To see a copy of the current Bellisseria Fairgrounds Official Events Calendar, please visit here:
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Time slots labelled "Available for Booking" on the Bellisseria Official Events Calendar can be reserved.
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