The Happiness Project


5th-8th Grade

Beginning October 11th, 2018

Come join our Thursday after school program! Each module will focus on various life skills, including the care of one’s mind, body, and spirit. These courses will use a hands on approach that aims to teach students about whole body health. This includes ways to maintain and strengthen mental & physical health and wellness, explore vocations for the future, and give back to the community!

Module One
Maintain Mental Health-To maintain good mental health, you must establish a balance between all of the competing aspects of your life. The Happiness Project will explore these factors and teach our students about:.
○ Good lifestyle habits
○ How to reduce stress
○ How to maintain a positive social circle
○ How to prioritize and balance all aspects of life

Module Two
Taking Care of Your Body: Nutrition and Fitness-Explore how your body performs in every aspect when you:
○ Fuel the body properly (learn how to make simple nutritious snacks & meals)
○ Learn the benefits of exercise
Mindfulness Meditation-One important way to care for one's self is through mindfulness and meditation. We will explore this technique to:
○ Reduce stress,
○ Improve concentration
○ Improve other facets of well-being

Module Three
Vocational Exploration-Help each student explore their interests and strengths. Knowing these skills and interests is an important step in finding a good “fit” for a future career.
● Giving back-The Happiness Project will learn how giving back to the community not only makes others happy but can make students happy too!

Classes held on Thursdays 3:30-5:30 starting October 11th through December 13th
Cost = 9 Thursdays $150

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