Airport Pickup
This form is for incoming Fall 2018 students ONLY.
Need help getting from the airport to KSU?
Our community partners volunteer each semester to pick up international students who may need a ride from the Atlanta airport to Kennesaw State University.

If you need a pickup from the airport, you must let us know BEFORE July 31st. 

The following information is needed in order to arrange a pickup:
Your name
A phone number to contact you if there are any questions
Your fight information, including airline, departure time, arrival time, flight number, etc.
A short description of what you look like for the volunteer to find you. 
Where will you be staying after you arrive?
Contact in the United States

J-1s and Scholars:
For information on registration, housing or airport pickups, please contact:
Linda Sun for Marietta Campus - (470) 578-4513 -
Michele Miller for the Kennesaw Campus - (470) 578-2175 -

First Name *
Last Name *
Email Address *
Best email to send information about your pickup.
Airline *
What airline are your arriving on?
Flight Number *
Departure *
Where are you departing from?
Departure Time *
Give the date and time you are departing
Arrival Time *
What date and time are you arriving in the United States?
Will your plane stop in the United States before you arrive in Atlanta? *
Are there any layovers or connecting flights in the United States?
Your Description *
Please give a description of what you look like to help the volunteer find you at the airport. If you will be wearing a particular colored shirt or jacket, please describe that as well. This is just given to the volunteer to help them find you at the airport to pick you up.
Emergency Contact *
Do you have a contact in the US, or abroad, we can contact if there is an emergency, or you do not get off the plane? List name and contact information.
Where is your final destination? *
Where do you want to be dropped off after you are picked up? Please give full address.
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