2019 Vendor Application -- Clark Historic Farm Utah Honey Harvest Festival
Friday, October 11th from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM
Saturday, October 12th from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM

9,000+ visitors attended the Utah Honey Harvest Festival last year. This is an outdoor event. Booths are positioned in pods of 4 booths with each booth having two open sides available for sales. Vendors provide their own canopies, tables, chairs, etc. Premium booths are located closer to the entrance, along the stage and food, and along the main walking path at the festival.

Vendor Pricing (prices include both days):
Standard Location Booth for Honey, Commercial products or Advertising, 10' x 10' - $85
Standard Location Booth for Handcrafted items ONLY, 10' x 10' - $65 (promotional pricing!)
PREMIUM LOCATION Booth for Any Product, 10' x 10' - $175 (while space is available)
Snack Vendor, 10' x 10' - $85
Produce Vendors, 10' x 10' - $15
All other Vendors, 10' x 10' - $85
Commercial Food Booth (size depends on your needs) - $300
FREE advertisement space available if a company provides volunteers.

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I understand I must pay for my booth upon completion of this application. Applications will not be considered with out payment. If my application is denied, I understand my payment will be refunded in full upon my notification. *
***To inquire if applications are still being accepted for your product category, Email vendors@clarkhistoricfarm.org
Select a category for your product. *
If I am selling honey, I understand it must be re-sale compliant. *
I agree to sell only that merchandise which I will describe in this application. *
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Please describe your product in further detail and list items that will be sold. Include approximate prices. *
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If you will be incorporating honey into your products, please explain below.
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Are you a member of "Utah's Own"? *
I am aware Grantsville City has vendor requirements regarding a business license. I am responsible to the city for these requirements. *
I understand booth space is an uncovered 10’ x 10’ space on the grass outdoors. *
I understand a canopy is required and that it must be 10' x 10'. *
I understand I am required to provide my own canopy, and any other part of my booth: tables, chairs, etc. *
I understand that no generators will be allowed at the festival *
I understand that booth space assignments must be adhered to and are not transferable. *
I understand all sales must take place from my assigned booth. No roving sales are permitted. *
I understand no smoking (including vapor), alcohol or pets are allowed on the farm during Honey Harvest Festival events. *
I understand I am required to comply with the Utah State Tax regulations. Tax packets will be provided for each vendor at check-in. I will need to provide ONLY one of the following: 1- Business license number or 2- Social Security Number or 3- Birthday and drivers license number at check in. *
I understand if I am a food vendor, I must comply with the Tooele County Health Department regulations and possess all necessary permits. *
If you have a disability that needs special accommodation, please tell us how we can help.
Examples might include: Location of booth, special time to set up, etc.
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I understand I will be granted acceptance into next years Honey Harvest Festival free of charge if I win an outstanding booth award! The vendor selection committee strongly encourages everyone to add to the “HONEY HARVEST” theme by decorating booths in a bee or harvest motif.
Judging Requirements: Well organized and orderly booth and display, designed with a Honey Harvest theme and built to impress. Unique products that complement the design of the booth Courteous, knowledgeable staff readily available to assist customers and dressed professionally. (Costumes that fit the Honey Harvest theme will be given added consideration.)
I understand I am more likely to be chosen as a vendor if I email a picture of what my booth and products will look like to vendors@clarkhistoricfarm.org
If you don't have a picture to email, include in the description below how you will be decorating your booth.
Your answer
I understand that each vendor will be assigned a check-in/set-up time that must be honored. Set up time assignments run on Friday from 7AM - 11AM. *
I understand event coordinators will NOT be available to help with any set-up of my booth, i.e., lifting, carrying, unloading, loading, providing equipment, etc. *
I understand my booth must remain up and open for sales on Friday from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM *
I understand I may not drive on the lawn at the farm. *
I understand my vehicle must be parked in the Park and Ride lot on the southeast corner of the cemetery, and not on the farm or adjacent parking spaces to the farm. *
Maps will be provided in your vendor information packet. This allows closer parking to be available for visitors.
I understand if I sell out of my products, I must remain in my booth for the duration of the Honey Harvest Festival. *
Booth fees will not be refunded if the festival is closed down earlier than advertised due to inclement weather conditions. Friends of The Clark Farm is not responsible for any damages to my booth and/or product. *
I understand this is only an application and the Honey Harvest Festival committee may accept or reject my application based upon the needs of the event. I will be notified of my application status within two weeks of submitting my application. *
I understand that after submitting this form, I will be immediately given a link to go pay my application fee. My application will not be considered with out payment.
If by chance my application is not accepted, my booth fee will be refunded in full upon notification.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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