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Please fill up this form and provide the necessary data needed and moving on, we will create a telegram group to discuss on the on-boarding process further. Kyber Swap team will try to get in-touch with you within 3 working days.
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Are you willing to provide token liquidity for your ERC20 tokens? For the automated market maker, US$25,000 of ETH and US$25,000 of Tokens is required. For a Fed Price Reserve, US$10,000 of ETH and US$10,000 of Tokens is required. Do note that In both cases, you are always in control of your funds. So whenever you wish to delist yourself, you will get back the remaining that are left in the reserve. *
We, as the project's representative solemnly declare that all of the information we provide to Kyber Swap ( is authentic, comprehensive and accurate, and free of any false, concealing, omit and misleading. *
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