At this time Mooncoinx will introduce our tokens and be ready to be distributed to everyone. This is an opportunity for everyone to get our tokens and can make sales and purchases on stellar dex.

Our token was launched to overcome the solution for payment, so that the quality of the mooncoinx ecosystem can be maintained. The aim of Mooncoinx is like the theme of the project that we propose, token-based creative industries. With the presence of mooncoinx products from the creative industries we can have and share the products of creative industries among mooncoinx asset holders. The field of creative industry that we submitted to start this project is:
šŸ”˜ humanity and social
šŸ”˜ Advertising
šŸ”˜ E-Commerce and online shop

Visit website for more information

please do the following tasks and we will distribute the tokens before the ICO is submitted. the total prize we give is worth 1 million tokens for everyone. The following details the rewards and assignments :

šŸ”˜ Twitter (10 MNCX):
Follow Twitter, Like, retweet any twitter status everyday

šŸ”˜ Medium (10 MNCX) :
Follow, claps and review on comment everyday

šŸ”˜ Reddit (10 MNCX) :
Follow, subs, and up votes post every day

šŸ”˜ Youtube (10 MNCX) :
Subs and enable notification, like youtube video everyday

šŸ”˜ Bitcoin talk comment (100 MNCX) :
comment and attach your Stellar wallet, also paste wallet on this form

To get rewards from this giveaway, everyone must join the telegram group and the telegram channel subs. Token distribution is done before ICO or pre-ICO starts.
Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

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Tweet status link with creative post ( +5 MNCX) *
Medium profile link :
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Bitcointalk Comment Link :
Telegram Username : *
Fill with start "@"
Who invited you?
fill in the invite username (refferer telegram username), start with "@"
Your stellar address :
Stellar address start like 'GCWS24....JHGHS', dont forget open trustline with domain
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