Hearken Director of Success
Hearken is looking for a Director of Success to join our dynamic team as our company expands. The Director of Success will be the thought-partner of the CEO and other company leadership to provide best-in-class strategy, consulting and support services for our customers.

This role will lead and manage our Engagement Strategy team, comprised of journalists in the USA and Europe. The strategists work with our newsroom customers to help them successfully deploy audience engagement into their editorial process for a variety of strategic outcomes.

Please read the full job description for more information about what we're looking for and what Hearken is / does:

After you fill out this application, please send an email *with your resume attached* to careers@wearehearken.com with the subject line "Director of Success."

Deadline (Updated May 6): We will review applications on a rolling basis and keep the positions open until filled. It’s best to get your application in ASAP!

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For the following questions, please keep your answers short; they should be about a paragraph or two in length (seriously!). Think of this application as a replacement for a cover letter. It's part of our screening process.The purpose of these questions is to get a sense of your personality and perspective and the way you communicate and think. Feel free to interpret questions broadly and be creative. If you're selected to continue we'll reach out to set up more in-depth interviews.
What excites you most about Hearken and the work we do / make possible? *
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Describe your experience working in customer success or developing customer relationships. What roles have you played and what/ key functions did you serve? What aspects of this work do you find the most fulfilling? *
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What has been your biggest “win” in customer success work? Describe a challenge a customer faced and what you were able to achieve.
This doesn’t have to be something you achieved alone. If with a team, note what your role was.
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When Hearken’s customers stop working with us (“churn”) it can be for a variety of reasons outside of our control (E.g., their newsroom goes bankrupt, the person leading their Hearken effort is laid off or leaves, the newsroom lacks the budget, etc.). How would you approach getting an understanding of what we should do in cases like this? Write out a brief thought process for getting the information you’d need to create a strategy. *
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Describe your experience managing people and teams, whether manager was officially in your title or not. *
What responsibility have you had managing individuals and teams toward their best performance? How many people have you been responsible for?
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How do you think others would describe your managing style? *
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What aspects of managing do you find most challenging? What skills / qualities are you looking to cultivate in yourself? *
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Rank your experience in the following domains. 0 = no experience, 3 = deep experience / expertise.
Use your best judgment to characterize your experience level.
Customer / user interviews
NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Negotiating contracts and pricing
Consulting with customers
Developing sales collateral
Responsibility for financial outcomes
Developing retention strategy
Data analysis
CRM experience
Customer feedback loops
Reviewing legal documents
Project Managing
Managing people
Resolving Conflict
Conducting reviews and 1 on 1s
Communicating with remote employees
Discipline / firing
Running meetings
Public speaking
Collaboration across teams and functions
Product development (not coding)
What excites you about getting out of bed each morning to help the journalism industry succeed? If you have experience working in or with the journalism industry, please add that here. *
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You’ll be working alongside leadership responsible for growth (sales) and innovation (technology). In other jobs, have you had experience working on sales or innovation, or alongside colleagues with those specialties? Please characterize any experience you have in those domains or collaborating with others in those domains. *
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Tell us about a challenge you encountered that required sustained effort and focus, overcoming obstacles, and staying the course over a long period of time. *
This is in a professional context. Feel free to add a personal example, too, if you'd like.
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Why is *now* the right time in your career to take on this role? *
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What experience would you like to highlight for us that could contribute to your strength as a coworker and leader?
These can be experiences obtained through your professional experience or personal life.
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If you were to take this Director of Success Role, what evidence would you be looking for 6 months into the job to know it's a great fit for you?
This could be 1) personal: such as you're excited to tell people at parties what you do for a living; 2) professional: you're able to retain customers and deepen our relationships through providing new services; or any other metrics that would tell you that you're in the right role.
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Many of our team members work remotely, including the majority of the Success team you would be managing. Do you have experience working remotely? Do you have experience managing distributed teams? Tell us what strategies you would use to successfully work remotely and to manage a distributed team.
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Things that we’re curious about but won’t influence the strength of your application
If you are selected for this position, how soon could you start? *
We anticipate we'll make an offer sometime in May or June 2019.
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Do you identify as a member of a population that is underrepresented or marginalized in the news or startup industry?
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