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For your birthday, we will _____________ you a party on Friday night. We’ll have cake, balloons,music and food.
The small child in the store was ______________________ a tantrum because her mother wouldn’t buy her candy. She was on the floor screaming, crying and kicking her legs.
My sister is a __________ eater. There are lots of foods that she doesn’t like, and she always complains about the food. We never invite her to dinner.
Harry is very ___________________. If I say the sky is blue, he will tell me that I’m wrong, it’s grey. He loves to fight and say the opposite of everything I say.
Be careful, your laptop is _____________ on the edge of the table and it looks like it might fall off
Malkina and Lorenzo will set the table for dinner. Malinka will set the plates and cups, while Lorenzo sets the _______________________ and napkins.
Tiffany’s flight to Madrid was at 6:00am. Harry offered to ___________________________ at the airport, but she said she would take the train.
When Blanca arrives at the airport in Spain, her boyfriend will _____________________ so shedoes not have to take the bus to her house.
Harry and all of his friends went to the football game in ________________________ dress. They all wore superhero costumes and painted their faces.
Claudia was fighting with her boyfriend. She was angry and decided to kill him. Then, she needed to _________________ the dead body so no one could find it.
I put lipstick on my lips, perfume on my neck, and deodorant on my ________________.
Tom is the type of person that will ____________ his friends. He is very dishonest and lies to them often.
Be careful on the boat if you don’t know how to swim. If you fall in the water, you will probably __________
“These shoes would normally cost $100, but I bought them online for $60. That’s a great______________!"
You shouldn’t swim after you eat. If you do, you might get a painful ________________ in your leg that leaves you unable to swim. This can be very dangerous.
3,5,9 and 11 are _________________ numbers.
2,4,6, are _________________ numbers.
After the divorce, my wife took my house, my car and my dog. She also took $350,000. She milked me __________________ for everything I had.
We robbed a bank last night, here is the _________
I will _______________ you $20 that Spain will win the football game. If I am wrong, I’ll wash your car every day for 1 week. If I am right, you owe me $20!
I can’t believe that Portugal ________________ Spain. They usually lose!
You have lots of great ideas on how to improve the business. You should _______________them to your boss and see if he likes them. If he uses your ideas, maybe you’ll get a promotion!
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