Maker's Market with Sew O'side
Welcome and thank you for applying to the Maker's Market with Sew O'side!

Each market features local handmade artisans and their products, in our shop in Oceanside CA. We carefully select our vendors to participate each month, making sure that we are featuring truly handmade/hand crafted goods. We want each show to be unique and stand apart from what you can find in a big box store!

FEE: $25 (this cover the space rent and all fees are put into advertising for the monthly event)
Location: Sew O'side shop in Oceanside, CA

Promoting: I ask that all vendors share the event on social media and websites leading up to each Monthly Market. 2 weeks before the event date, I would like to see at least 2-3 shares/posts over the course of the week. On the week of the event, I would like to see at least 1 post/share/tag per day! This is how we get our customers excited about the event and make sure that we are all helping to get our names out there! To keep our monthly fees low, we need to make sure we are all participating on social media! The more we share, the more we will grow organically vs needing to pour more into paid ads.

All participants will be listed on our website for the month that they are participating in with their logo, short description and link to a preferred website/address/social media.

We also have a Door Prize drawing after each event via LIVE Facebook feed, where all visitors can enter by leaving their name, number and email in exchange for the chance to win donated Door Prizes from the monthly artisans. You are not required to participate in the Door Prize, but we sure do appreciate it (and so do our customers!). As a vendor, you will also receive the Door Prize Entrant information for your own marketing/emails. No purchase necessary to be entered. All Door Prizes must be picked up in the Sew O'side shop.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application here in order to be considered for one of our next Maker's Markets!


Amanda Gerard
Sew O'side

Sew O'side
3375 Mission Ave ste F
Oceanside, CA 92058

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