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Liability Release: The Health History Profile is not a substitute for a thorough physical examination, assessment and diagnosis by your physician. It has been designed to identify individuals for whom physical activity might be inappropriate at this time. Before starting any type of physical conditioning program it is always best to have a complete physical exam. Only after your doctor has given you clearance to exercise, should you begin any type of conditioning program that involves vigorous or strenuous exercise. I hereby understand that I will be participating in a program with Danielle Bogaty. I understand that she is unaware of my physical or mental condition upon commencement of the program. I realize that it is my responsibility to determine that I am capable of undergoing physical activity and take ultimate responsibility of what recommendations/advice I choose to follow. Because the effects of the program depend in part upon the efforts of the individual, results will vary from person to person. Danielle makes no warranties, guaranties, or claims regarding the extent of the benefits that any individual may derive from the program. I understand that the nature and purpose of the program requires me to engage in activities or lifestyle changes and I am aware that any such changes can involve risks. I hereby assume the risk of any and all accidents, injuries, set backs, illnesses, negative outcomes of any kind that may be sustained by me by reason of or in connection with my participation in the program. I hereby release, discharge and absolve Danielle Bogaty from any and all liability, responsibility, future claims, actions, damages, losses, costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever from participating in the program, except to the extent it results from gross negligence or willful misconduct by Danielle Bogaty. *
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