Project H2O Daily Outreach Log
Thank you so much for going out today! This form is to help us document our reach as We Are Now Invisible.  You may want to keep a notebook with you to take notes while you are out.

Following your outreach, please share photos of your outreach, not only on the Project H2O page, but on your personal page. We want people to know what we are doing, in order to gain more support and build our community. ***Please identify yourself as a volunteer of We Are Not Invisible*** and tag We Not Invisible. On Facebook, tag @Homeless in Fresno. On Instagram, tag @wearenotinvisible1. On Twitter, tag @weinvisible. Also, share our Project H2O facebook page and our website link:
This is an important way you can support We Are Not Invisible beyond outreach. Please credit We Are Not Invisible in any posts regarding you water outreach.

Use this log after every time you go out! We want to build a map of where people are and well as keep a monthly tally of people we have helped. This will help our organization be more effective and also help gain vital support.

If you have any questions, please contact WANI at 559-898-2551 or on Facebook.
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Date of outreach
How many people did you contact today?
How many cases or bottle of water did you give out?
Please list locations you hit (cross streets and nearby businesses) and how many people are in these areas.
Anyone in need of follow up? Like people who need medical care, are particularly vulnerable, youth, etc.? Please describe the situation and their location, as specifically as possible
Did you give anything else out? Please describe what you gave out and the quantity.
Did you also provide the waters or have someone else donate waters that you took out? Please Identify any one who donated waters, other than those you picked up from us, and how many cases. (We have a different form to log water donations. If you don't have the link to that form, let us know)
Any other comments or things we should know?
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