The Connection Cure Tour
Beginning in July of 2017, I will be setting out on a pilgrimage that will take me across the country in an attempt to combat loneliness and disease through meaningful human engagement. 

Over the span of four years I plan to visit every state in in the U.S engaging in “micro-moments” of connection (the sharing of a genuine positive emotion) by hosting by donation workshops in an attempt to create a micro-moment movement state by state.

But, I can't do it alone!!

I am crafting my travel plans around you! If you have a women's group, a non-profit, a church group, a community center, a yoga studio, a library, a living room, a backyard, an office, a school, a synagogue, or a girl scout troop (you get the idea), then I want to come to you!!!

If you're an undercover event planner, if you love to get your friends together, if you want a unique experience for your work staff, or a dining experience that goes deep, if you're a believer in the power of conversation and want more of it, if you'd like to help people put down their phones and talk instead of text, if you dig this idea and think, "human connection can heal? Hell yeah!" then I want to hear from you!

If you want to be part of this micro-moment movement and are up for the challenge of creating a space for these workshops/talks to take place - then I want to hear from you!

If you feel like something needs to shift, within yourself, within the country, or within the world, then I want to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below and within two days I'll make sure we can get on the phone and have a micro-moment.

The time is now. Let connection be our cure.

Workshop Description

What if every person we came into contact with had the potential to heal us? What if every interaction became an opportunity for wellness?

Humans are wired to connect; this isn’t woo woo talk; it’s actual science! Connection nourishes us the way sunlight and nutrients do and here is why this is so important - human connection literally changes our bodies’ biochemistry. Yup! What actually happens under the skin when you engage in meaningful conversation is an increase in oxytocin levels and a boost to the immune system! Ta-da! (well, it’s not magic exactly. It’s biology, but the magic kind of biology).

The Connection Cure is a workshop that gives us a tour of the body, explaining what happens under the skin when you connect (even with strangers!). Join this movement and learn about how connecting with ourselves and with others can actually decrease stress and increase positivity, in a micro-moment. We will talk about evolution and the body while using storytelling and interactive exercises to increase trust, and learn about the resources our bodies have that enable us to heal ourselves through connection – just like “magic.”

Upcoming Connection Cure Tours



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