Zend Server Plugin Submission
This form is intended for developers submitting a Zend Server plugin.
- Please note that not all fields are mandatory
- To help make this process as smooth as possible, sharing a demo is recommended
- We may contact you for additional information should the need arise
In case of questions, ping me at: zs-plugins@zend.com.
Plugin Info
Fill in the following fields describing your plugin.
Display name *
The name you wish to be displayed for your plugin in Zend Server.
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Logo URL *
A URL to the plugin's logo image.
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Cover URL
A URL to the plugin's cover image [770x250px]. While not mandatory, adding a cover image for your plugin is highly recommended.
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YouTube video ID
The ID for a YouTube video describing the plugin.
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Gallery images URLs
A separated-by-row list of screenshots of the plugin panels open in Z-Ray. Max amount of images - 6. Ratio of 1.775 (for example: 355px*200px). While not mandatory, adding gallery images for your plugin is highly recommended.
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Short Description *
A short description of your plugin in Markdown. Try and describe how your plugin can help developers. For example: Helps WordPress developers see detailed information about plugins, themes and crons.
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Full Description *
A full detailed description of your plugin in Markdown. Specify what panels are added to Z-Ray and which information these panels include.
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License content
The plugin license information in Markdown.
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Fill in the following details about the plugin's revision. If this is your first submission - skip this paragraph.
Changelog text
A detailed description of the changes for the revision, in Markdown.
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Version number of the plugin revision.
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Package URL
A URL of the packaged plugin (zip).
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Author Info
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