2017-2018 BDCHS Course Change Request Form
Course change requests will only be accepted until 4pm on August 9, 2017. The only exception being if the request is for a core course you MUST have for graduation or to stay on track for graduation.

Please completely fill out each of the following questions. Failure to do so may result in the request being deleted.

Course change requests may not be honored due to course offering/availability.

Any follow up decisions and/or questions will be sent via your personal email, so check your messages often.

Course change requests for missing core courses needed for graduation, or incomplete schedules, will be reviewed first.

Your responses to this form will not be recorded until you click submit and a webpage loads with the following text: "Your response has been recorded."

Please do not submit multiple responses for the same request. This will slow down the review process for everyone involved.

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