The Youth Mariachi Ensemble will seek to provide the children of our community the opportunity to learn and grow, both culturally and musically, by learning mariachi, the traditional music of México. This after school program will focus on both academic and practical musicianship, by teaching through traditional musical notation, and providing hands on instruction in guitar, vihuela, guitarron, trumpet, and violin.
Members will build confidence in their playing and earn valuable experience with opportunities to perform for their family and friends in concert events throughout the season.
Members will also learn about the importance and tradition of the mariachi traje (suit) which will be provided to them for performances.
The Youth Mariachi Ensemble promotes teamwork and cooperation and the value of playing in an ensemble by providing an environment in which students will meet new people, form friendships, learn about music and culture, and have an opportunity to connect with Mexican traditions through the music of mariachi.
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